Free text to speech over 200 voices​ and 70 languages

Luvvoice provides a complimentary online service that converts text into speech(TTS) for free. We offer a wide range of AI Voices. Simply input your text, choose a voice, and either download the resulting mp3 file or listen to it directly.

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What are the features of Luvvoice ?

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Real AI Voice

Built on deep learning and Ai breakthrough research to generate sounds that are extremely close to the quality of real human voices.

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Lots of Languages and AI Voices

As a professional AI Voice Generator, A large number of high-quality voices, 200 voices in more than 70 languages, your best text reader.

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Easily Convert Text to Audio

Copy-paste an existing script or type in the text for your script on text editor. Choose an AI voice of your choice from Luvvoice’s library of voices .






best tts tool

The most powerful creative and business tts tool

Luvvoice is a great tts tool,Luvvoice can generate a variety of character voices that you can use in marketing, and social media such as Youtube and Tiktok, you can use to learn new languages and read books aloud!


This is a very good text reader and tts tool! It generates realistic ai voice. If you aren’t sure, always go for Luvvoice. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Olivia Walker



Really good. Luvvoice is by far the most valuable business resource we have ever purchased. I love this TTS tool.

Ashley Taylor



Frequently asked questions

Is Luvvoice free to convert text to speech?

Yes, Luvvoice is completely free to use.Free text to speech over 50 language and 200 voice,no words limit. Listen online and download files in mp3 format.

What’s TTS and what can it do?

Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology converts text into natural-sounding speech. Learn more about TTS.

How do I convert text to speech?

Converting text to speech is easy. Simply paste or type the text into the designated text box, choose the language for the text and your preferred voice style, and click the ‘Submit’ button to initiate the process. The text will be processed, and you can download the audio file.

Can I use the synthesized speech for commercial use?

Yes, all voices from Luvvoice are suitable for commercial projects such as videos, podcasts, gaming characters, Youtube and TikTok, and you are not required to attribute the source.

What are the applications of Luvvoice audio tools?

Luvvoice audio tools are versatile and can be used in various fields including media production, education, gaming, and accessibility services. They help in bridging language barriers, restoring lost voices, and making digital interactions more human-like.